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You belong in the garbage of history

Intervention during the session of the European Parliament plenary in Strasbourg made the Golden Dawn’s MEP, Lampros Fountoulis. The topic of discussion was the intention of creating a pan-European platform for the prevention of undeclared work. The MEP of our Movement reiterated the firm positions of the Golden Dawn on the need of social security, insurance, fair minimum wages -and not starvation salaries- and pensions. Then, he denounced the hypocrisy of the Union, which speaks for the rights of workers and simultaneously dissolves and removes any notion of labour rights in Greece by the Memorandum. Moreover, he demonstrated the unacceptable attitude of Europe, which openly seeks the replacement of the European working class with illegal immigrants, in order to serve the plans of the large international Capital.

We must stop the ongoing exploitation of workers. It is a shame for the Europe of 2016 the phenomenon of undeclared work to have such a scale. Each worker must have a guaranteed social welfare, security, a fair wage and a pension that ensures a comfortable life.

But the Union is interested for the workers only in words. You degrade even the most basic rights of workers, citing a supposedly competitiveness, you convert entire countries, like my homeland, in special economic zones and you have the audacity to speak for workers and protection. Come to Greece to tell all these. In Greece, where with your policies you have created a huge humanitarian crisis and you claim that this is the way to the future. We’re giving away this future. We fight for our future in a different European Union. We say no to a Union of big international capital prostate. A Union-bandit chief, who with all these tax raids that mandates -and perform the domestic minions- seeks to destroy every trace of National Economy, in order to divide the wreckage to the multinationals companies.

In addition, all you who are interested in the rights of workers seeking stable for a long time the replacement of the European working class from the hordes of illegal immigrants, knowing of course how much easier it will be to take advantage of this new workforce and achieve a simulation to down, one more time in the interests of multinationals. Besides, remember that President Schultz himself had called for Europe 50 million new immigrants. But you have to know that folks wake up, and will send you and your policies in the trash of history where they belong.

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