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Healthcare for uninsured persons in Greece

According to a report on a Greek website(1), the Athens Medical Association (ISA) has written a letter to the political leadership of the Ministry of Health complaining that uninsured Greek citizens and persons who are insured but are unable to pay their contributions are still being denied access to public hospitals. More specifically, in a statement it has issued it states that volunteer doctors at ISA’s Social Mission Clinic have found that lately, ‘there has not only been no move to provide healthcare cover for uninsured persons, but the situation has dramatically deteriorated and even hospitals — such as Sismanoglio hospital — that until recently treated patients from the Clinic have now closed their doors to the uninsured’: this calls into question the very existence of the welfare state.

In view of the above, will the Commission say:
1.     Is it aware of the situation in Greece and the lack of healthcare provided for uninsured patients that in many cases puts their lives at risk?
2.     Given this situation, what steps will it take to remedy this state of affairs which brings shame not only on Greece, but also on the EU, and to improve as directly as possible the access of uninsured patients to public healthcare?


(1)    http://www.lifo.gr/now/society/69075

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