Bridge collapse risk

Experts are warning against the condition and monitoring of bridges in Greece, following the collapse of Morandi Bridge, Genoa, which killed 43 people. International bodies, engineers and Technical University professors have stressed the imperative to establish a national programme for inspecting and maintaining existing infrastructure. They noted that the concrete that had been used in previous construction work was meant to last for one century, while bridges that once carried very few vehicles must now handle a much higher traffic load.

In France, almost 840 bridges are at risk of collapsing over the next few years if public spending on their maintenance remains at current levels, a study suggests. The study estimates that about one third of 12 000 bridges need repair work.

Can the Commission say:

  1. Is it aware of the result of those studies? Does it know that several bridges – not just in small towns – are not properly maintained?

How will it enable Member States to maintain their crucial infrastructure, given the chronic issue of austerity policies in said Member States?

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