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You are incapable of handling the economic situation in Greece

During the Committee meeting on Employment and Social Affairs in the European Parliament and in the presence of Ministers from the member states, including Mrs Rania Antonopoulos, the Greek Alternate Minister of Labour, Social Security and Social Solidarity, the Golden Dawn MEP Lampros Fountoulis took the floor. He pointed out that the reduction of unemployment in Greece is totally notional, because this reduction has been achieved through flexible forms of employment and the violation of labour rights, and that the current wages are inadequate for providing workers a descent life. Finally, he blamed the Greek Government for being incapable of dealing with the economic situation in Greece.

Madam Minister, your speech is nothing more than a wish list. Your speech about the current situation in Greece gives the sense that the Greek Government has already dealt successfully with the matter of employment.
You mentioned that the Greek Government has reduced unemployment. And how exactly have you achieved that? By imposing flexible forms of employment? Do you really think that unemployment can be reduced through part-time jobs or job rotation? Unemployment rates are only reducing in a notional way whereas in reality a redistribution of poverty is taking place.
It seems that you have not realised that the flexible forms of employment have become the number one rule in the Greek labour market. The workers are fired and then are hired again for only 4 working hours, whereas they actually work for more than 8 hours. It goes without saying that the wages are inadequate for providing them a descent life and, consequently, the revenues of the insurance funds are dramatically reduced.
How is it possible to speak about development and creation of new jobs, when at the same time the over-taxation you impose to companies constitutes the reason for their closure and the consequent job losses?
I will give you an example and I dare you to prove me wrong. A company with annual revenues 100.000 Euros is obliged to pay 110.000 Euros for taxes and insurance contributions. In that case the company either will be shut down or will implement policies like tax evasion, which promote the black economy. Unemployment is not going to be reduced unless the Greek Government creates a fair and stable economic environment that will be suitable for investments and, consequently, the creation of new jobs.
But if your policy is all about promoting the interests of the lenders through economic bloodletting of companies and citizens, then everything you have said before about proposals and funding from the Juncker Plan constitutes another wish list. It is unambiguous that you are incapable of handling the situation and you just take advantage of your political time at the expense of our country.

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