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The European Union has imposed the Prespes Agreement

During the debate with the Prime Minister of Finland on the future of Europe taken place in the plenary session of the European Parliament in Brussels Golden Dawn MEP Lampros Fountoulis took the floor. He denounced the terrible tactic of the EU leaders that try to impose by any means their ideological obsessions on the people of Europe, ignoring their will. The Prespes Agreement and the way it has been imposed on the Greek people constitute a typical example.

‘’The European Union, Mr. Prime Minister, is facing serious problems. But the main problem is the paternalistic ideas that tend to be established in the majority of the European governments and the European institutions.

The leaders of the European Union act as if they possessed the ultimate truth and they try to impose their own ideologies on the citizens. Many of the decisions taken by the EU leaders are irreversible, creating to the citizens the idea that the democratic scrutiny via the elections is useless.

A typical and very recent example is the Prespes Agreement that the majority of the European leaders has applauded. The Greek people have expressed their clear opposition to it, but the government of Tsipras has ignored this by creating faits accomplis. Having agreed with this agreement, Europe disdains the will of the Greek people and becomes hostile towards the Greek interests.

I would like to remind you and the other leaders of the European Union, especially Mr. Tsipras, that your authorities stem from the People and have power only as long as the people continue approving it. Soon enough, you will realise that by disrespecting the European Nations the citizens will be awakened and will start to think nationally.’’

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