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The European Union tries to impose its propaganda

During the debate on the propaganda in the face of the European elections taken place in the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg Golden Dawn MEP Lampros Fountoulis took the floor. He highlighted that basically the largest propaganda mechanism is the institutions of the Union themselves. Moreover, he denounced the paternalistic logic of the political elite that tries to impose its ideologies on the citizens.

‘’For once let us be honest inside this room. You do not bother with propaganda, gentlemen of the European Union. Besides, from the European Union itself emanates the largest percentage of propaganda towards the citizens. You only bother with anything that turns against your interests. The Union funds a hundred of non-governmental organisations, which propagandise the ideologies of the current political groups. You even dare to label their own ideologies as values of the Union without having ever asked the citizens of the member-states about that. But the worst part is that through this attitude you prove the fact that you consider the citizens unable to evaluate the information they receive and choose the positions that represent them. On the contrary, under a paternalistic logic, you have the impression that you are the ones that are able to indicate them the right opinion. According to you, the citizens are free to vote whatever they want providing that they vote in compliance with your wishes. According to us, the citizens of the Union have the awareness to evaluate and decide who represent them”

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