Bauxite mining

According to Greek online and media reports, plans by DELFI DISTOMON AME to carry out exploratory drilling in the Megara area with a view to the mining and industrial use of any bauxite deposits discovered have aroused great concern among local residents, who vigorously oppose the scheme. Should the project go ahead, it is likely to cause major environmental damage in an area already suffering the consequences of other industrial activities. Furthermore, the projected site of the drilling includes part of an environmental conservation area, prompting strong opposition from the local authorities.

In view of this:

  1. Is the Commission aware of the projected drilling activity and the fact that it has been authorised by the Greek authorities?
  2. Can it verify whether exploratory and other drilling activities will be in compliance with EU environmental standards?
  3. If it emerges that the activities of the company are in breach of environmental protection provisions, what steps will it take to prevent another environmental disaster?

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