Deadly floods in Greece

National tragedy in Greece. So far, 15 people have been found dead and there are ongoing investigations for at least five missing people. Ambulances have taken 23 injured people to the Thriasio hospital. A woman has been hospitalised in a critical condition in the hospital’s ICU and 9 injured people remain in the Pathological and Orthopaedic Departments.

The situation in Mandra, Nea Peramos and Magoula is unprecedented and resembles a post-apocalyptic scene. Entire areas have been covered by mud, more than 500 houses and shops have been ruined, and roads have been split apart. Power supply has been cut off in several locations, making the efforts of rescue crews and the State even harder.

In view of this:

  1. Will the Commission immediately activate the EU Solidarity Fund and the Civil Protection Mechanism, to help the Greek people affected by this natural disaster?
  2. Will the Commission investigate if EU funds have been properly used by the Attica Region to construct flood-prevention and infrastructure works, given that this is the fourth time in the past year that such phenomena have occurred in Greece?

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