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Imports ban on companies that do not respect the environment

During the debate on the Energy Union taken place in the first plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg in 2018, Golden Dawn MEP Lampros Fountoulis took the floor. He demanded that the Union must put pressure on a global level for the implementation of environmental policies, one of the few sectors in which the European Union has really proved to be useful for the Europeans. Moreover, he demanded that the Union must ban the imports from companies or countries that do not comply with the European environmental standards. Finally, he questioned the necessity and the capability of the European Union in exerting the main authority on energy matters.

“Mr President, nowadays societies are facing the greatest danger of global warming and its repercussions. The first consequences of this climate change have already made their appearance and constitute just a little taste of what is going to happen if we do not act decisively. But, unfortunately, this is a problem that cannot be tackled by each state individually neither by the European Union as a whole. All the countries must commit to reduce effectively the harmful emissions, something which is totally unlikely to happen.

Furthermore, lurks the danger according to which the Union, by trying to take environmental measures, instead of resolving the environmental problems, will create even greater ones. The imposition of austere environmental standards on the European companies is not sufficient. I think that we have to ban the imports from states and companies that do not comply with our standards regardless of their country of origin. Ultimately, I am really sceptical about the excessive concentration of powers, which is supported in this report, because until today it has proved to be really ineffective. “

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