Censorship of Golden Dawn

As reported by the online media and by the Popular Association-Golden Dawn itself, Twitter has decided to close the account previously held by the party on its social networking service. The company has failed to provide any explanation or justification for its decision. This would seem to imply that the decision was motivated by opposition to its political views rather than by any offensive utterances. Facebook has taken a similar line. Given that the Popular Association-Golden Dawn is the third-largest political force in Greece and that the public and, above all, the European Parliament and political parties throughout Europe and the world make extensive use of social media news services, the actions of this company are effectively infringing the principle of freedom of speech. Since it is the right of citizens to be informed before electing a political party to represent them:

Will the Commission say:

  1. Does it consider that this move to block the free dissemination of ideas is effectively a form of direct censorship?
  2. If so, what steps could it take to strengthen freedom of speech in Eur

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