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Salmonella risk from infant formula

According to Reuters, four infants contracted salmonella between August and December 2018. Medical findings attributed this to products such as Frezylac infant formula and baby foods produced by Picot (powder and cereals), Milumel (powder and cereals) and Taranis (amino acid mixes in powder to treat various disorders), which were marketed by Sodilac under the Modilac brand. Three other cases of infants infected by Salmonella are currently being investigated.

It is estimated that around 10 000 Salmonella strains are recorded each year, including around 400-600 from infants less than one year old. From 2016 to 2018, 50 strains (of the Salmonella Poona bacteria) were identified each year.

In view of this:

  1. Have the French Santé Publique and Pasteur Institute kept the Commission informed about the situation regarding carrier-transmitted bacteria?
  2. What measures will it take in response to the numerous reported cases of salmonella affecting baby food every year? What action will it take to step up research into the prevention of Salmonella in baby food, given that infants are less resistant to salmonella and hence at greater risk of serious infection, as we all know?

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