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The political system cultivates hatred

In the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, during the discussion about “Hate Speech, Populism and Falsified News on Social Media”, Lampros Fountoulis, member of the European Parliament with the popular association “Golden Dawn”, took the floor. During his speech, Mr. Fountoulis blamed the European Union for having labelled as “hate speech” any belief opposite to the prevailing political system, and as “populism” the activities of those political parties that care about the welfare of the people and not about their own benefits. Finally, regarding the matter of “falsified news”, the European Union is the first on the list to spread biased and falsified information in order to benefit the political parties instead of the public good.

«No one can deny that hate speech and falsified information on social media create serious problems for Europe. Unprecedented hate speech has been unleashed in our continent by the currently prevailing political forces against any views and beliefs, which diverge from the established ones; even contradictory opinions on national issues have been almost criminalized by them. The modern political system methodically cultivates hate within our societies, by dissolving social cohesion and leading a witch hunt against people, who are brave enough to express different beliefs. Contrary to your allegations against us, we do stand for the freedom of opinion. We believe that everyone, without exception, should be free to express their beliefs regardless of any objections to them.
In the matter of populism, the modern usage of the term is the spawn of the prevailing political class that labels as “populists” those who express different viewpoints closer to the real needs of the citizens. You claim that populism constitutes the main reason behind the huge support citizens show towards political parties that act from outside the existing political establishment- in fact the main reason behind this support is your own failure to live up to the desires and expectations of the citizens.
As for the large number of falsified information on social media, a huge amount of responsibility rests on the shoulders of governments and systemic political parties, which are responsible for the leak of falsified information.

Politically friendly social media distort the truth and create an illusion of reality on a daily basis, with the aim of manipulating and shepherding the citizens. The social media administrators, who serve political interests, constitute internationally the most influential and devious mechanism of political propaganda.»

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