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There is no place for Turkey in Europe

During the debate on Turkey and the future of the accession negotiations taken place in the recent plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg Golden Dawn MEP Lampros Fountoulis took the floor. He requested the immediate cessation of the accession negotiations and the imposition of sanctions on Turkey until the release of the occupied territories in Cyprus and the general cessation of any imperialistic policy against Greece.

‘’Turkey, even from a geographical perspective does not constitute a European country, does not embrace and does not wish to embrace the values of the Western civilization, makes discriminations against the religious minorities, including Christians and Alevis. The government of Erdogan on a daily basis dismisses and persecutes public officers, teachers, doctors, scholars, lawyers and prosecutors. Turkey through an invasion taken place in 1974 possesses illegally a large part of Cyprus. Turkey follows a hostile policy towards Greece, by violating its airspace and territorial waters. Turkey refuses to sign and ratify the UNCLOS. Turkey supports and funds terrorism. We request the immediate, official and definite cessation of the accession negotiations. We request the total cessation of any European funding towards Turkey along with the implementation of financial and other sanctions. We demand the official renunciation by Turkey of any imperialistic claim against Greece and the complete and unconditional release of the occupied territories in Cyprus. Until then there is no place for this killer-state around the same table with the member-states of the European Union. In the European Union, there is and there shall not be place for Turkey.’’

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